Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Early Finish

I love it when we finish our missions early. We got back to the trailers today around 1400 hours. That’s a lot better then arriving after dinner chow. We went to the IZ again today. I found out what those explosions I heard yesterday were. Yesterday someone had said that they are mortar attacks. I saw the news this morning and found out that there were a bunch of car bombs in the city. That’s what those sounds were yesterday. I heard one more this morning with police sirens right afterwards. There weren't as many as yesterday.

Today was a lot more peaceful than yesterday, weather wise. This huge dust storm came in yesterday but didn’t bring much rain. Thank God. It rained just enough to settle the dust and not create any mud. That’s a good thing. Today the sky is clear, partly cloudy, and the sun is out. It was really nice earlier but now it’s starting to warm up. The breeze is keeping the heat at bay. That doesn’t keep us from finding some shade whenever we can. Reminds me of Phoenix.


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