Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Well, what can I say? We didn’t look too good today. It would’ve been another one of those days for Hadji to hit us. There are days when we are in our game and then there are others when we just aren’t there. I guess it’s like comparing it to the NFL. Some weeks you win games and look really good then there are others where you’re like, what happened? Well, today was one of those days. A lot of it has to do with us hammering the nail into our own feet.

It all started this morning when we were getting ready to leave. Our lead truck didn’t make the correct turn and went straight. We ended up going all around the camp. My driver said, “Where’s he going? He missed the turn!” We had officers in the back of the truck with us at the time. So they were probably wondering if we knew where we were going.

There were more than one instance of incompetence but I really can’t go into details about them for security reasons.

It was embarrassing again this afternoon when we were about to leave our destination location. We had put our officers into our trucks and were getting ready to leave when we were told that we didn’t have clearance to leave our location. So they had to get back out of the trucks and get back into the building. It was better then having them wait out in the sun to get cooked. I thought we should’ve made sure everything was set before putting them in there.

I began to worry again when we put them into the trucks for a second time. I was worried that we might have to wait out in the hot sun before we could leave. I didn’t want to wait out in the sun either. I’d rather enjoy the cool air from the AC in the building. Why wait outside when we don’t have too? Fortunately we were able to leave and not worry about getting stuck out in the sun.


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