Sunday, May 21, 2006


We were outside the wire today when we had to detain some individuals on suspicion of illegal activity. We were almost back to the FOB when we turned around. Our morning ended up longer than planned. I kind of wished we would’ve just let them go but I’m sure we had to check them out first. It’s safer to make sure everything is ok before letting someone dangerous go.

They were very cooperative. We gave them some bottled water while waiting for some ‘terps’ to arrive. Terps is the short word we use for interpreters. Sometimes we have a terp that rides along with us, sometimes we don’t. It just happened to be one of those days that we didn’t have a terp with us. So we waited for some guys to arrive with one.

There’s a little joke that’s starting to go around here. A while back, actually when we first got here, we were told our mission would change in Feburary. February came and then we were told it would change by the end of April. Well, April has passed and now it’s sometime in June or July. Well, now when they mention a month we start asking, “What year?” It doesn’t surprise me that the missions still haven’t changed. I don’t mind actually. I like our mission and they want to change it.


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