Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Little Asian Boy

He was in our ride today. We’ve had substitutes ever since T-Rex was put on the disabled list. I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with him. It’s not like he was injured or something. Well, he’s been put off the disabled list and will be back with us tomorrow.

As for Doc Ock, it was alright having him along. He’s a combat medic although he hasn’t see that much combat. We’ve mainly been using him to drive or educate us in first aid medical treatment. He usually makes sure that we are healthy and we have all the medical supplies we need. He’s the one that treated my stab wound when it occurred. I think he did a fine job. At least it didn’t get affected.

It’s funny because most of the other guys mess around with him. They tease him with gay jokes just because the way he looks. Poor dude is always getting picked on. They’ll come out with homosexual jokes towards him to imply that they somehow abused him. He has a thin and short stature but is very athletic. He’s also very young. He’s only like 20 years old. So he’s one of the younger guys in our platoon.

He went to Vegas on R&R and couldn’t even gamble or drink because he wasn’t 21. It must have sucked. He had plenty of other adventures while he was there. I’m sure he didn’t miss out on the gambling and drinking. He was telling me about it and to him, Vegas is a figment of his imagination.


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