Monday, June 05, 2006

Heat Wave

I guess it’s that time of the month, when it’s going to be the hottest part of the year. Well, as we say in Phoenix, at least it’s the dry heat. It’s been hot every freaking day. I don’t see how these people pick crops out in the fields during the day. There isn’t a whole lot of machinery so most of the Iraqis pick crops by hand. I’m also amazed by the amount of fields that are over there. I guess it’s how most of them make a living. I didn’t expect to see so much farmland. There is definitely more farmland here than there is in the Phoenix Area.

The heat hasn’t got to me too much though. I’m glad. I try to stay out of the sun as much as I can. Thank God these Humvees have a/c. It’s about time they’ve installed these things with them. Some of them mostly work. The only problem is that it’s so hot that it takes a while to cool the interior of the Humvee off. That’s partly why I’m glad I got my windows tinted. I have noticed a slight difference. It’s also cool because they don’t know if we have people in the back or not. I like to stay out of sight in the back seat myself. I hardly ever come out unless I’m needed. As for when we’re on the road, I have no choice. I have to take the blast of heat which feels like a hair dryer blowing in my face.

I can’t believe how much I drink. It’s crazy! Let’s see, today I’ve drunk a little more than 5 quarts of water. And that’s just water, not counting the Gatorade I’ve sucked down as well. I’ve been sucking it all up. I’ve also been sweating it all out. I take my body armor off and find that my uniform is soaked right where my body armor used to be. It leaves like an imprint on my uniform. When I take my DCU shirt off my t-shirt is usually all wet. It feels good once I get all that stuff off and let my shirt dry out.


Anonymous Cataz said...

Hey, just wanted to let you know I enjoy your posts!
Yeah, I'm from the Phoenix area too, and I've heard all the "It's a dry heat" comments over the years. My favorite comeback to that... "So's my oven, and it still cooks a chicken!"
Hang in there! And, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

6/06/2006 9:55 PM  
Blogger SGT. Pete Puebla said...

Hey, thanks for your support!!! Take advantage of Phoenix for me!

6/06/2006 11:00 PM  

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