Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ahhh…stuffed from dinner.

It wasn’t too bad. Chicken Cordon Bleu with Rice Pilaf and Green Beans. Had some milk to keep my bones and teeth strong. Lunch was kind of shitty. I had my meal at the same hotel from yesterday. This time I got to see some of the shops, since it was later in the day, and they were open. There’s nothing happening in the IZ at 0500 in the morning, unless you want to be the only one on the street. Lunch at the hotel wasn’t as good as breakfast. I was hoping for something better.

I have some more beef for the Air Force. It seems like those guys get everything. I wonder, why is that? For instance, all the Chair Force dudes with us today had brand new Humvees. That’s not all. They also had brand new intercom headsets. Shoot, the ones we adopted were about to fall apart. T-Rex and me had to rig them back together so they were in decent condition. Well, we managed to acquire a set. Too bad our company can’t hook us up. I’m starting to feel like a thief. At least we’ll put it to good use. What the heck were they going to do with it anyways? It was sitting in the trunk of their Humvee.

For some reason, I always hear gunfire in the IZ. I hardly ever hear it on the FOB or at Abu Ghraib. It’s only when were at the IZ. I’ve been told that it from the guys at the range but I have my doubts. I have yet to see any combat here, although I’m not hoping for it. Well, maybe if I survived and no one got hurt. Just so I could say that I was in combat. I’ll have to tell everyone back home I went to a combat zone and never saw combat. It always happened somewhere else.


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