Monday, September 18, 2006

The Sleeping Giant

I’m getting a routine down at the gym. Now that I have some time I’ve been spending it getting a workout. I’d like to work harder and harder and I feel like my body is giving me that chance. There’s a 10-mile marathon coming up and I’ve thought about signing up. I’m not the best runner in the company but I’m up there with the top. Maybe if I’m motivated enough I’ll sign up. Just the thought of running 10 miles then having to go out on mission later doesn’t sound like fun. I’d like to get some sleep or rest afterwards.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this but my roommate got back the other day. He was so tired because he had been up all night. He found out at the last minute that his plane was flying out at 0200 hours. It actually didn’t leave until 0700 hours in the morning. He stayed up all night waiting to fly back here. He told me that pass wasn’t worth it. It made me feel better knowing that.

I came back from lunch yesterday to find him asleep. I figured he’d take a nap for a while. I went to the gym yesterday afternoon and came back to find him still in bed. Well, maybe it was an extended nap. I went to dinner, got him a take out just incase he woke up hungry, came back, and he was still sleeping. I thought he might wake up and be up all night. Maybe it's something like the jetlag we felt when we arrived here. Our biological clocks were all screwed up. The thing is I don’t think he left the time zone.

He ended up sleeping all night. I couldn’t believe it. He didn’t wake up until this morning when I woke up. He slept from about 1400 hours until 0730 hours. That’s about 17½ hours. Wow. I can’t even imagine doing that.


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