Friday, September 15, 2006

The Countdown

It was another nice day today. It was hot but not like what we had to deal with during the summer heat. My roommate is probably on his second or third day of pass. So for now I still have the room to myself. Today was another maintenance day so I had to go take one of our extra Humvees to the motor pool. I washed it up and did a typical inspection of fluids like oil, transmission, power steering and brake. I inspected the tires and washed the whole truck.

We’re all looking forward to going home soon. When I first got here I never even considered counting the days. I started off by counting the months. There were some that had a day count, I wasn’t one of them. Now it’s getting down to weeks and I’m tempted to start counting down the days. It also helps with the weather getting cooler. It makes it feel as if summer is over and the season is changing. The sunrise and sunset is later and earlier in the day. The days are getting shorter and it finally seems like the end of our deployment is coming soon.


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