Wednesday, September 13, 2006

To Ramadi and Back

We got back from Ramadi today. We spent the night over there last night. Again, we slept in the transient barracks. The accommodations weren’t too bad; it’s just that it’s too damn cold in there. I think next time we spend the night there I’m going to look for the thermostat to turn the temperature up.

I would’ve taken some photos to post here but I let my roommate borrow my camera. He left yesterday on a pass out of the country and wanted to borrow my camera to take pictures. He has a camera himself but his battery broke. His camera is unlike mine, which takes double ‘A’ batteries. He has a unique style of rechargeable battery.

Well, while talking with the guys from the other half of my platoon I was able to get a little info on what was going on over there. Supposedly they were in a gunfight a couple of days ago. No one was hurt and I’m not sure if they got any kills. I didn’t have time to investigate the situation. I’ll try to get more details when we go back next time.

On the way back from Ramadi we ran into another cordon. This time an IED hit a local national, an Iraqi. Bombs don’t distinguish between different people. I felt sorry for this poor, innocent, bastard. He had a typical sedan that’s white with an orange hood and trunk. I heard that he died on impact and that the local IPs came to pick up his body. We had passed them on the road driving pretty fast in the opposite direction.


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