Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Moving out

I can’t believe we went out on mission this morning but we did. What could we do? The mission still had to get completed whether we had packed our bags or not. It’s a fact I didn’t like but I had to deal with it. I knew my morning would be occupied with a mission out in Baghdad. I also knew that we would be back around noon, which wasn’t too bad. Once we got back to the camp things turned hectic.

First off we had to pack our personal boxes into the conexes. We took all of them out and loaded them to get shipped overseas on a ship. We won’t see them for about 2 months so they told us to pack whatever we wouldn’t need for 2 months in there. I didn’t realize until my box was already in the conex that I still had stuff I had to put in there.

My room was a mess and so disorganized I didn’t know how I was going to start packing to move. I just started throwing stuff into duffle bags as fast as I could. I didn’t have much time so I tried to move as fast as I could. That’s when we got interrupted. All the NCOs had to go to the team leaders’ room for a meeting. Oh no, I thought, it’s another one of those. It’s never a good thing, only a bitch session. It’s a time to put it out about how messed up things are and how bad we all are. It didn’t bother me though because the issue at hand was the missing NVGs. Apparently they were found but the point that was brought up was that us, NCOs had to step up.

I guess that was said because of the carelessness and irresponsibility from some of the other team leaders. I’m not a team leader myself so I didn’t care so much. In fact, I felt the issue had nothing to do with me. I just blew it off and hoped that the bitching would end so I could go back to my crib to pack my things.

We finally finished moving out at 1800 hours. The new unit arrived around 1500 and had to wait around for us to clear out the pad. I’m sure it would’ve been done earlier if some of us didn’t have to go out on mission this morning. We’re moved into tents and now we’re trying to get situated for the duration of our stay here in Iraq. I time is getting very short now. It won’t be long before we’re on the plane out of here.


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