Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Getting ready to move

I went to the post office this morning to ship out my box. I went first thing in the morning. I think that was a mistake because everyone else decided to do the same thing. I had to wait in line for 40 minutes, which wasn’t that bad. I took a book to help pass the time. I’m glad I finally got though that headache. It ended up costing me $54 with insurance.

We’ve been on lockdown all day because of the missing NVGs. The PL went searched through our rooms and all of our bags looking for it. They weren’t found and I doubt they’ll find them. They’ve been missing for a month and no one knew about it until just the other day.

This evening we searched for those NVGs some more. We weren’t able to find them, of course. During that time The Colonel broke a few of us for chow. I decided to run over to Burger King and while I did that would go and get my rank sown on my cap. What I found at Burger King was the same nightmare I’ve been finding at the chow hall, post office, and just about everywhere else. There was a long line. The camp has also been a little crowded since the past week too. That’s because of all the troops that have arrived here. I’m sure it’ll get a little more crowded once our relieving unit arrives.

I never really thought of it but tonight is our last night in the trailers. Some of the guys are having a barbeque tonight. I think it’s in honor of our last night here. I’d join them but I have tons of stuff I still have to take care of.

Tomorrow we’re moving out of the cribs and into tents. It’s just another step towards making our way home. We’re moving out so the relieving unit could move right in and make themselves at home. I don’t have much stuff now, only a few duffle bags full. Luckily, this time I’m prepared unlike a lot of the other guys in the company. I found that this place looks more and more like a flea market. Guys are just putting the stuff they don’t want right outside their doors. As I look up and down the pad I find junk in front of rooms everywhere. Sometimes I wished I could throw money away as easily as some of these guys do. I’m really, really conservative with my money. Before I buy anything I usually consider to myself whether I really need it and whether I’ll use it. That’s why I never bought much stuff over here. I’m sure it helps being married with children too. It causes me to have a tight budget.


Anonymous Pauline said...

You are getting closer to the day you get on homeward bound plane. Happy Moving Day tomorrow!!!

10/18/2006 6:53 PM  

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