Sunday, October 15, 2006

Country Rock

We spent the night in Ramadi last night. That’s the reason I didn’t get to blog. It’s not that there’s not internet access over there. There is. The problem is that we could only get on for a limited time so I only had enough time to check my e-mail.

We’re lucky we had a place to sleep this time. The transient barracks were full. That’s because there was a unit that was leaving and of course, they needed a place to stay. It’s usually full when a unit is coming or going. These guys were a National Guard unit out of Colorado and were on their way home. I was happy for them. We were fortunate to find a couple of unoccupied bunks to sleep on for the night. We had to got Ramadi late because of a cordon that took hours. When we got to the Ramadi I really didn’t feel like hanging around the MWR there. I wasn’t in the mood for watching a movie on their big screen TV or watching some college football. I didn’t feel like playing video games or lifting any weights. The place was crowded, noisy, and disturbing and I didn’t feel like being there. I went into the library to read and get some peace and quiet. I started falling asleep so I figured that I was tired. That’s when I decided to go next door to the transient tent to lay down and read on my bunk. I felt relaxed on my bunk. It was nice and quiet and more peaceful then the MWR. I ended up falling asleep around 2200 hours.

Tonight when we got back to Baghdad I found out that there’s a live concert. I didn’t know who it was and figured it must be some amateur rock band from the camp. I heard the music from my trailer so I figured I’d go check it out. I do like some rock but I’m more into alternative. On the walk over there I ran into a buddy that just came from the concert. He said that it was a country band. I couldn’t believe it, hearing the music from where I was. The band had set up on a stage and was playing outdoors. There were stands in front of the stage for all to sit on. I approached and found another one of my buddies sitting, listening to some of the music. I love listening to live bands so I wasn’t going to pass this opportunity up.

The band was very different for country. I’m not sure how old country fans would take it. To me, it was more like a mix of rock and country. It’s perfect if you like rock, and you like country. I enjoyed it and I’m sure others, mostly rock fans, would too. Afterwards the band, with lead singer Brian Stace, signed autographs and took photos. They’re on tour here in Iraq and will be around to see the soldiers over here. I’m glad they came out.


Blogger Bro. Bartleby said...

The news over here has Baghdad spinning out of control ... have you noticed any major changes since you first arrived?

10/16/2006 12:45 PM  

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