Saturday, September 30, 2006

Empty Streets

I’m stuffed. I don’t know why I ate so much dinner but I did. That’s ok I guess. I’ll just have to work it off tomorrow. These workouts are going to be worthless if I don’t stop eating. Maybe it’s an eating disorder or something. I don’t know. It doesn’t help when all my roommate, The Big Man, does is eat. Right now he’s pushing around 280lbs. That’s what I weigh plus another 100 pounds.

Today’s mission wasn’t bad. It was a simple one. All we had to do was pick up the Captain and his Lieutenants in the IZ. They got to get a little R&R at the makeshift resort camp that’s in the IZ. I think they deserve it but I also think that we all deserve it. That’s ok though, I’m kicking it at my camp anyway.

There was another traffic curfew in Baghdad today. There were no cars on the roads. It kind of weird and kind of like watching those zombie movies where no one is on the streets. Some places of the city seemed deserted. That’s ok though. I like riding out in the city when there are no cars or people to worry about. That means there’s hardly anyone to watch on the streets. I guess I’d compare it to a cop policing a city with no cars or pedestrians on the street. It’d make for an easy day on the job. If I had my way everyday would be a curfew day, I’d ban all vehicles, and no one would be allowed out at night.


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