Monday, September 25, 2006

Money's Worth

It was a day for busting my ass. Last night The Colonel told me that I’d be taking the truck to the motor pool to get the ‘A’ Service. That’s where they lube it all up and change all the fluids.

I gave Heavy D a hand while he went through all the checks and services. I replaced a worn tire and the air filter. He drained all the oil and placed a new filter. I filled the engine with oil. We replaced the power steering reservoir since the seal was bad and there was a leak. It was a pain in the ass getting the old one out and replacing the new one. That’s mainly because one of the bolts was hard to reach. We also replaced the gasket on the transmission since there was a leak there too. That was a pain in the ass because it got really messy. There was transmission fluid draining everywhere.

Not only was it taking me all day but also around 1530 hours I was told by T-Rex that I had to turn in my .50 cal. Great I thought. It’s just one thing after another. I wish I could’ve turned it in as is but I knew I had to clean it up. I wasn’t going to do a through clean up since I heard that armor was simply taking them in. I just wanted to wipe it down and turn it into the arms room as soon as possible. I didn’t feel like messing with it and was already tired from servicing everything on the truck already.

So, now it’s 1800 hours and I’m done. I am not going to the gym today like planned earlier. I guess the transmission and power steering service wasn’t planned either but Heavy D, the mechanic, wanted to change it since there was a leak. I’m done. I’m going to eat dinner, take a shower, and freaking relax.


Blogger kbug said...

Just got caught up with your blog, I've been MIA for a while. I hope you don't have to go to Afghanistan next year...that wouldn't be good for your family...or for you. Everyone needs some time off to be home. Seth has been told that his unit will be going back in less than two years after he returns...not exactly something to look forward to, but I guess it's better to know now than to have it sneak up on you...besides, alot can change in that amount of time. Take care of yourself..... :)

9/26/2006 8:05 AM  

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