Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Misplaced Equipment

I thought I lost my stuff. It got really busy this afternoon. We really didn’t do anything this morning. It does feel like our time is getting short now. That’s because we’re starting to turn in some of our equipment. For example, yesterday I had to turn in my .50 cal. I don’t know why I had to turn it in because we’re not done with our missions yet. I’ll still need it. This afternoon I was told we’re turning in our chemical/biological suit. I was happy to hear that since I wanted to get rid of it. I didn’t want to be responsible for it anymore if it was lost or stolen.

Well, I just happened to misplace it. I thought it was in the job chest in my room but it wasn’t there. That’s when I got worried. I couldn’t remember where it was. I thought it was in the chest and I couldn’t think of any place it would be besides there and the Humvee. I just don’t remember putting it in the Humvee. I’m like that sometimes. I’ll put something away and then after time forget where I put it. That happens especially if I don’t see it for a while.

I started getting a little worried so I went to the supply sergeant to make sure it wasn’t turned in already. He told me that none of the chem. suits had been turned in yet. I was really getting worried and I was hoping I didn’t loose it. I’d hate to have to pay for a suit out of my pocket. I’d hate to have to spend my money on lost equipment. So then I went and checked the back of the Humvee and there it was. The whole suit was still in it’s wrapping, all covered in dust. Good! Whew! I felt relieved. I also grabbed the SAW barrel while I was in back of the Humvee. I had to turn that in too.

This late afternoon we had a formation in ACUs. That’s the new Army Combat Uniform that the Army just came out with. We had problems getting our trouser issues back home because of shortages in supply. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been getting my new uniforms ready for wear. I’ve made sure that I’ve had all the patches and rank that I need to wear on the uniform. It’s been ready to go for a couple of weeks and today it was time to show it off. I’m glad that our 1st Sergeant has been able to get us out of wearing those uniforms until we leave. We’ll all be able to go home wearing brand new uniforms, which will be nice.


Anonymous Pauline said...

I enjoy your updates each day. Praying the days pass and you will soon be on that plane home.

9/26/2006 6:28 PM  
Blogger kbug said...

Wow, you're turning into a short-timer...must feel good. I'm looking forward to the day that Seth does the same..... :)

9/26/2006 9:09 PM  

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