Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Tent

I guess that I should perhaps describe our tent a little bit. They’re supposed to fit 50 of us in here but right now there’s only like 30. Thank God. That leaves more room for us. These tents aren’t your typical Vietnam era tents either. We have an a/c unit attached to both sides of the tent, blowing out cool air. The tent is also equipped with a two fire extinguishers and smoke detectors throughout the inside. The flooring is tiled with smooth plywood and cots are lined up and down the tent on both sides. In some ways I like it and in some ways I don’t. I like the fact that there’s more social interaction here but less privacy. We get to know each other a little bit more now because we have to live with one another. I’m already pretty familiar with my platoon buddies but we’re also sharing the room with 2nd platoon. I’ve started socializing with guys from that platoon that I’ve never socialized with before.

We took the guys from Indiana to Ramadi today. We didn’t take all of them since there wasn’t room for all of them in the trucks we took. We passed a few cordons here and there but there wasn’t anything significant. The ride there and back wasn’t too bad actually. The only thing I hated about the trip is the fact that we had to take out a spare truck because our original truck didn’t get dispatched. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take that truck out tomorrow.

I did forget to mention one thing about today. It happened after we left the wire this morning, about 10 miles out. One of the trucks in the convoy was almost out of fuel as soon as we left. We had to turn around and come back to the camp so he could fuel. It was a pain in the ass and we were all pissed. It added about 45 minutes to our trip. Talk about not being prepared. I wonder what The Hoosiers were thinking of us. Maybe they didn’t think much about it since they didn’t bring it up in the after action review.


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