Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Orientation

Right now we’re in the tent, planning our bank robbery when we get home. Our plan is to rob a bank using our weapons and Humvees on a drill weekend. We’re just dreaming, thinking, and planning but we’re not going to do it. We’re just using our imagination and dreaming like little boys. But we’re coming out with a nice plan. And now, the tent is quiet because all the guys are thinking about it. The other funny thing is these guys actually think they could do it. They’ve got it all planed out. It’s what happens when you get a bunch of bored guys together. Heck, I might just get in trouble for mentioning it. We’re not supposed to talk about our locations, activities, or other such things that may endanger our lives but they never said anything about planning a heist. These guys have been watching too many crime movies.

Today was the first day the guys from the new platoon went out with us. They’re all from the Indiana National Guard. I’m glad they’re guard members like me. It’s easier for me to relate to them even though I’ve been in the regular Army before. They guys had lots of questions about everything from how my deployment has been here to questions about our mission. I answered all of their questions and tried to tell them about as much as I could think of. I couldn’t get to everything because I couldn’t think of everything at the time. I explain about as much as I could. The other nice thing about these guys is that they’re infantry soldiers. That means I could focus my training on field experience rather then military tactics, techniques, and procedures.

I guess I’d compare it to getting a policeman that’s been trained but doesn’t have the experience in my city. Most or some of them may have no experience at all but the thing is they are all well trained for the job they will be performing.

It was overcast today with a few light showers. The weather has been cooler and it’s been a little windy. I was told that it’s supposed to rain for the next two days but these guys never get the weather report right.


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