Thursday, November 02, 2006


There was a lot of animosity today in the company today. I felt it as well. I thought I deserved better when what I got. I tried not to dwell on it too much, so I wouldn't be bothered by it. It’s mainly because of the award ceremony we had today.This morning we had a transfer of authority formation followed by an awards formation. A few bronze stars were awarded and I myself have trouble with the credibility of those that were awarded. Bronze Stars? I guess it’s ok if it’s honorable. But then they awarded the rest of us with medals, and what did they give us? They gave the rest of us Army Commendation Medals. Well, that might be ok too but they also gave it to some people that weren’t worthy of that award. So, that just puts us on the same level as that Joe that wasn’t worth a damn.

For a year in Iraq, and being recognized as the role model for organization and teamwork, I think they could’ve awarded us better. We’d hear praise about how great we were and how we were the best unit in the Brigade. They always said that they weren’t blowing smoke up our ass. Well, the least they could’ve done is shown that praise by maybe awarding us Meritorious Service Medals. And what about the appreciation from the Army for what my kids and wife has had to go through for the past year? At least some honorable recognition would be nice. ARCOMs are nice but for what we’ve done here in Iraq? After being told that we are the model for

Another thing is the coin awards. I like getting awarded the coins and they never have enough for everyone. Only a few guys in the unit got coins. I thought that maybe I’d be considered since I was chosen to manage the physical fitness for the platoon. It was an extra duty that I never volunteered for. I wasn’t happy about it when they told me back in Ft. Lewis but I did the job. While others were out messing around, I was busy making up the PT training schedule and managing the PT scores for the platoon. I received no recognition for that. Well, I see how they appreciate me now. And that’s why guys like me build a lot of animosity toward the unit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally can relate to that (not of course the bronze star part as we were deployed INCONUS). We did the same thing at the end of our deployment. Several people were singled out for ARCOM's, the majority received AAM's and the perceived dirt bags got CoA's. It was really frustrating to see that a couple of the ARCOM recipients were the E-6 who got busted for speeding on post in the G'van during his off time and another E-6 who had more EEO complaints than the rest of the company together. Not that I thought I did anything outstanding that deserved an ARCOM but it diminishes the award to the guys who really deserved it.


11/03/2006 7:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11/03/2006 8:42 AM  
Blogger katiescarlet said...

Sorry to hear you didn't get the recognition you and other guys in your unit deserved.

Thanks for all you have done! God bless

11/03/2006 8:47 AM  
Blogger SGT. Pete Puebla said...

Hey Tim, sound like you've been there done that. Where are you from?

11/03/2006 9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I retired from the guard in January, 259 Engineers at the 52nd St Armory. If I hadn't retired when I did I would be headed your direction, there is a convoy security force leaving the MOB station any day now. Not sure where they are in Kuwait but the 2222 Transportation group is based there right now, driving in and out of Iraq. Keep your eyes open for any other AZ patches.

Isn't it nuts how they treat you like little kids after all you've been through? Try to relax and help the other joes to be patient with all the BS to come. De-MOB is a pain and incredibly tedious but just try to roll with it and it will be over in no time.

Take care,


11/06/2006 8:36 AM  
Blogger kbug said...

When a National Guard friend of mine returned in early 2005, he talked about the one week of briefings they had to go through before they were turned loose. It wasn't his favorite thing to do, but in hindsight, some of the things did come in handy.

Seth will be following on your heels before too long...I can't wait to wrap my arms around that boy and squeeze the living daylights out of him..... :)

11/06/2006 4:44 PM  

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