Friday, October 13, 2006

Laughing My Ass Off

There was a late notice last night. I was at the gym yesterday afternoon and went next door to the MWR to see what was playing in the makeshift theater. On the door to the entrance was a flyer for, The Comics On Duty World Tour. The show was going to start at 2000 hours that night. I was a little excited about it and planned my night around it. I came back to my trailer, took a shower, put on a clean uniform, and went to eat dinner. After dinner chow I was going to walk over to the MWR to see the show.

The comedy show featured Drake Witham, Steve Mazan, Dave Mishevitz, Keith Alberstadt, and Tom Foss. I knew there wasn’t going to be a big audience because of the short notice and sure enough, there wasn’t. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the way the crew at the MWR set up the chairs. They set up the chairs in a sort of a box fashion around the front of the stage. I would’ve liked it more if the chairs were set up in rows in front of the stage. I got the sense that even the comedians were uncomfortable with it.

I’m sure they thought it was a rough audience too. Hardly anyone was laughing at any of the jokes at first. If we were we weren’t being that loud. I think that we were too embarrassed to have a good time and make loud noises. Most of us weren’t comfortable laughing out. Some of the first few comedians had a hard time getting us to laugh out loud. I wondered what they began to think. Some of the jokes were ok and had me laughing here and there. It was the last entertainer, Tom Foss, who had me laughing my ass off. He was hysterical! It’s like the whole mood of the audience had changed once he got up there to perform. He said he was from West Virginia and even reminded me of a buddy of mine from Snake Creek. He was funny too. I even wondered if they might be related because he resembled him a little bit too.

Well, I’m really glad that these guys came out to entertain us troops. They’re doing a tour through Iraq and will be going from location to location. They appreciated our service, shaked each and everyone’s hand, and gave us all these Comics On Tour patches. They also had guest books they wanted us to sign after the show.


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